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Welcome to City Park Homes |
Where everyone feels at home

While the Greater Toronto Area real estate market is in flux, custom home builds are steadily moving forward with beautiful and functional design choices. Toronto custom home buyers can expect many options geared towards sustainability, personal touches, and gorgeous functionality at the forefront.

  1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainably Sourced

Custom builds are working hard to reduce environmental impact, from the overall layout to sustainable materials to energy efficiency. As a result, you’ll have better insulation, windows, and HVAC choices to stay comfortable while using less energy– which is also great for your energy bills!

  1. Biophilic Design

In line with sustainable and Earth-forward materials, biophilic design choices are a top pick with custom home builds. The biophilic design uses natural elements, shapes, and lighting to bring Mother Nature into your home. 

You’ll have more windows and paint choices to maximize natural light. You’ll also see more natural woods, organic shapes, and soothing earth tones. Best of all, studies have shown that increased contact with natural elements reduces stress for the whole family!

  1. Personalized Touches

Minimalist, every-house-the-same styles are out, and personalized design is in! While many designers use the same principles as before, custom home commissions take much more thought about the needs of the unique family moving in.

From home gyms to office space to layout flow, expect the design to be custom-fit to you.

  1. Forever Home with Age-in-Place Design

One of the top personalization categories for custom builds includes intentionally creating a “forever home.” These builds create beautiful designs that can easily adapt to your family as you grow older. Common accommodations include a ground-floor primary suite, wider halls and walkways for wheelchair access, and laundry options on the first floor.

  1. Ensuites for All

Hall bathrooms for non-primary bedrooms are becoming very uncommon in custom home builds. Now, you can expect an ensuite bathroom for every bedroom. As a result, your kids and guests can enjoy a customized, private space without worrying about schedules and preferred prep time.

  1. Home Offices, the Return of the Study

A grand study used to be a standard part of home builds which was phased out with modern living and open-concept floor plans. But with the pandemic and the whole family spending more time at home, many families need to compartmentalize spaces again.

So expect options to add anything from a small home office nook to a complete, traditional study in your custom build.

  1. Washer/Dryer in Primary Suite

Custom designs often include a washer and dryer in the primary suite to achieve personalized comfort in a forever home. It’s not usually the only laundry room– expect a separate, more traditional laundry room to service the rest of the house. 

An ensuite washer/dryer in the primary suite allows prime convenience for the homeowners while ensuring their forever home will continue to meet their needs as stairs become less accessible.

Ready to Design Your Custom Home?

The Toronto and GTA area continues to be a very popular real estate market, including custom home builds. Work with a local and experienced team to create the best home for your family. We’ll help you pick through emerging design trends and custom options just for you.

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